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Kisah Presenter Sepakbola Indonesia: Sandra Olga Saat Bangun Tidur

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Kisah Presenter Sepakbola Indonesia: Sandra Olga Saat Bangun Tidur

Ramahnya Sandra Olga saat bangun tidur

Sandra Olga said: ''Hi .. I was born in the aeroplane. Half Germany and Indonesian. People know me as a professional host, traveler, culinary lovers, and an animal lovers.''

Unique Birth Sandra Olga
Not a few people know about Sandra Olga. Sandra is a famous model in Surabaya. Currently he is continuing his studies at Petra Christian University majoring in Communication Studies.

But not many people know about his unique birth. At that time, her mother who was pregnant Sandra Olga went to Germany to seek treatment together with both sisters Sandra Olga. They boarded a plane from Indonesia to Germany. But in that year (1990) there has been no ban on pregnant women on the plane.

After that, when the plane was above the Indian state, La Bombay, Sandra Olga's mother was in pain. Fortunately, in the plane there is one passenger who is a football doctor. Then, the doctor helped his mother Sandra Olga. And finally, Sandra Olga was born.

Once in Germany, the German President and his wife greeted them at the airport. Then, in the newspaper media there is a picture of Sandra Olga's mother who was carrying Sandra Olga. The news also arrived in Indonesia. His father and grandmother in Indonesia also know the news from the newspaper.

Name Sandra Olga taken from the name of the president's wife. Until Sandra Olga was 8 years old, her mother often sent a letter with the wife of the German president.
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